Let me tell you a story of a small gallant thing, crossing vast oceans in defiance of a king

Bobbing in waves an insignificant spec, but what of significance when we stand on her deck

We may seem so small when the stars are unfurled, but who cares of scale when she is our world

Twenty nine feet of wood and of sail, draped to the wind like the lace of a veil

She seems such a mess of canvas and rope, all needs to be fixed yet her captain is broke

Her two hapless crew live on bread and on water so lock up your fridge and lock up your daughter

Inside her galley no refrigeration but look a bit closer there’s pest infestation

Flawed she may be, no race she can win but beneath her deck a strong heart beats within

She can moor alongside a millionaires yacht but outclassed and outdone she is certainly not

She flies a small flag of red, white and blue, the colours of Norway and Great Britain too

From the frozen North she did come, in search of white beaches and bottles of rum

All the way to Aruba from Kristiansand, via Brasil and other strange lands

You must speak to her nicely and always polite, for like any good lady she’ll put up a fight

So whisper these words and never betray her, fly west with the wind my dear Cassiopeia

End, Chris Fleet


Dette innlegget ble publisert i Fra tur med CASSIOPEIA 2010-2011. Bokmerk permalenken.