Disturbing events 3. mars

At 20 o’clock (Norwegian time – the Dragon had still daylight) the situation is ok, the crew is relaxed and in good mood after some disturbing events. Diesel-problems caused starting problems. They depend on the main engine to produce power since the el-generator always have been unstable. The problems occured when trying to stabilize/fix the generator. After standard procedure (filter-cleaning/change and pumping) they still wasn’t 100% satisfied – week power and easy stopping. The captain had to declare «power-save-modus». This is no emergency situation – in «power-save-modus» they could still reach Brazil and still have power for lanterns, communication and navigation from battery-bank. But they would have to refrain from «luxury» as el-WC, light, fridge and so on. The problem-solving phase culiminated when a big fishing net was opserved in the propeller. Pär was the first «volunteer». Armed with a safety-line and a sharp knife he struggled for some time with 2m waves. That’s not big waves in the middel of the Atlantic but it’s a BIG task. Result: A cut or to, some blood and Jan Kaare next. Is the sharks far away? He managed to solve the situation only with some unpleasant meetings with the haul. Happy ending story – wind is good – life is good – mood is good.

Dette innlegget ble publisert i SY Black Dragonfly - på tur i 2012. Bokmerk permalenken.