Travelling letter (eng) 24.06.2010

Here is one letter in English. But I think that this is the only one! For those of you that only know English I am sorry, but Google translate.
So the last two weeks has been amazing, so much can happen when you’r sailing alone. I like it. It all started two weeks ago in Dyvig, Denmark. I was there to get a windwane, an Aries, mounted on my boat. There I met Peter and his wife Kezi, he’s the one making Aries. He ask me to join in a sailing competition, I sayd yes. So that Wedensday we sailed out and tried some different sails, because the forecast said it would be a lot of wind. At the same time I was getting a personal demonstration of the Aries by the man who make them. Saturday came and the Competition started, it was a very windy day. The forecast was right as always. We had to sail around and island called Als. We came in as 3. Boat of 25 in our class. I think it was like 200 boats in all. That was fun. We ripped a spinnaker on the way, because of too much wind. Shit happens. Time went by and I was still waiting for my Aries. So, Peter again asked me if I wanted to join them at a Brazillian party. I hope that I am going to Brazil, so it was nice to meet some people and chat about Brazil and my journey. They where barbequing half a pig, in Brazilian style. There was 40 people there. After a week my windwane was mounted and I could continue my journey south.
I arrived Kiel, and there it was the Kiel week, the biggest sailing event in the world. I think it was 2000 boats there! In one week they say its about 3millon people visiting Kiel. I was there for one night. I met a lot of nice people, we went to town together and had great time. The next day I was on my way again. I had to leave, my wallet can’t afford that kind of a party. I sailed to the Kiel lock, I don’t know anything about locks. I have never been in one. But when i arrived at the lock I heard at the VHF that there was a Norwegian boat that was also going thru, and it was 10min until it opened. I am alone on my boat, and that can be rather difficult in a lock. I managed. But, I had no cash, and you have to pay cash in a lock. The Norwegian boat was also in the lock at the same time and they lent me money. Thank you! I have never seen them sins.  I have your money if you read this… So I’m in the Nordostesee canal. My first canal ever. There was a lot of big ships in the canal at the time as me, and it`s not wider then 35meters. I went to Rendsburg in the middle of the canal.
On my way in to Rendsburg i went pass this big shipyard, they are building super yachts. I found a place in the harbour, and went to town to get out some cash from the ATM.
There was a man in the bank and I asked him something, we started talking. He asked me to join for a beer. There was to others there a man and a girl. It turned out they where supervisors at the shipyard i passed on my way in to Rendsburg. Funny. So there I was again, sitting with 3 people I have never seen before. They where nice poeple, and we had a great time again…
I have been at Lidl. One of the things I wanted to do in Germany is to bye a lot of can food. So i borrowed a bike at the harbour and went cykling to find Lidl. Can food is cheep in Germany and Lidl is the chipest, so I bought 120 cans of food.  It took a great time to get all of the paper off, mark them with a waterproof marker and get them below deck. When I finished, I went to visit some Americans, they have bought a boat in Sweden and want to sail it home. They had hired a proffesional company to sail with them in to the North sea, and I got to listen to their planning and a short lesson about the tides and streems. It can be rough and you can`t go against the tide. So I was thankful for that information.
Now I am in Cuxhaven, We had 3 hours from Brunsbuttel today. I went together with some sweeds I met yesterday, they asked me if I wanted to join for dinner. So then I had somebody to stay with on the 23.juni. So we planned to go out at 1230, that`s about one our before the tide starts to go out of the Elbe. We hit perfectly, I had 9knots on my GPS, so that`s about 3 knots of current from behind, nice!
So that’s it for now, tomorrow i’m sailing to Bremerhaven, There I will find my may in to the canals in Europe.

See you,
(next travellingletter wil be in Norwegian)


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